Team Members

Principal Investigator

Dr. Bowen Zhu

Assistant Professor

Bowen Zhu received his BS degree in chemistry from Jilin University (China) in 2010. He obtained his PhD degree in materials science in 2016 from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. After his postdoctoral fellow training at UCLA (2016-2017), he worked in Monash University (2017-2019), Australia, as a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) fellow funded by Australian Research Council. He joined in School of Engineering, Westlake University, China, in August 2019.

Administrative Assistant

Keyi Wang 王柯宜

MS: University College London
BS: Nanjing Normal University

Joined westlake in 2021

PhD students

Enrolled in 2019

Kun Liang 梁坤

MS: Shanghai University
BS: Soochow University
Research Interest: Printed metal oxide thin-film transistors

Enrolled in 2020

Huihui Ren 任慧慧

MS: Gachon University
BS: Zhejiang A&F University
Research Interest: Biosensors based on thin-film transistors 

Enrolled in 2020

Dingwei Li 李定威

BS: Jilin University
Research Interest: Low-power thin-film transistors

Enrolled in 2020

Yitong Chen 陈奕彤

BS: South China Normal University
Research Interest: Two-dimensional thin-film transistors

Enrolled in 2020

Guolei Liu 刘国磊

BS: Hefei University of Technology
Research Interest: Threshold Switching Memristors

Enrolled in 2021

Yingjie Tang 唐颖捷

BS: Zhengzhou University
Research Interest: Electronic skin, integrated wearable electronics

Enrolled in 2021

Yan Wang 王燕

MS: Soochow University
BS: Yangzhou University
Research Interest: Quantum dots thin-film transistors

Enrolled in 2022

Fanfan Li 李帆帆

MS: Xidian University
Research Interest: Artificial neuron devices, Mott memristors

Enrolled in 2022

Ran Jin 靳然

BS: Soochow University
Research Interest: Thin-film transistors


Simeng Gao (2020-2021), Research Assistant.

Momo Zhao (2019-2021), Visiting Master Student from Xidian Univ.

Chunyan Song (2020-2022), Postdoc.

Group Photos

2023.02 @Yunqi Campus
2021.05 @Yunqi Campus
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